Pink Elephants

// documentary, 2016 //

What's the price of happiness?
In the masterclass of the Pink Elephants we get some answers.
Shot all over the world, their charismatic leader Bernard Hiller takes the willing on a high intensity shortcut through life. Through their physical and emotional limits, the protagonists dance, crawl and cry their way to psychological metamorphosis.
The film follows their highs and lows and questions the extreme methods, somewhat reminiscent of a sect... This journey passes through conflicting truths and perceptions of happiness, manipulation and success. For many it’s a euphoric cleansing but for some it’s cynical shock therapy.
In the end you have to make up your own mind.

// credits //

Director: Susanne Bohlmann

Editor: Anna Baranowski

Sound Designer: Jana Irmert

Re-Recording Mixer: Linus Nickl

produced by: conkerTree film