Spirits Closing Their Eyes

// 3-Channel Video Installation, 2012 // A film on life in Japan after March 11, 2011. Yet, we are not focussing on the visible damages caused by the earthquake and tsunami, nor on the reconstruction and cheer-up activities following the disaster. Rather, we are interested in non-descript and invisible changes with a particular focus on the current physical and psychological state of emergency which oscillates between actual threat and subtle changes in everyday habits.


Directors, Editors: Nina Fischer & Maroan el Sani

Sound Design: Jana Irmert

Sound Mix and Programming: Dirk Haubrich


63th Berlinale, International Filmfestival Berlin
Forum Expanded
Feb 7 - 17, 2013

various exhibitions, e.g. at Galleries Eigen + Art, Leipzig / Germany, MART, Dublin / Ireland